People Turn the Tv On, It Looks Just Like a Window

IMG_20170323_112410When I was doing my life evaluation…trying to find areas that need improvement and change. I found that social media, and at times, the media in general were a contributing factor in my unhappiness. Every day I was scrolling through Instagram for hours at a time. Scrolling through everyone’s perfectly captured lives, wondering why my life was so bland and uninteresting. I became addicted. Addicted to comparing my life to theirs – through pictures. Pictures with no back story, full of filters, and photos that (if we’re all honest with each other) took about 20 tries to capture. Still, with all of this in the back of my mind, I couldn’t resist comparing. Social media became my reality.

I was staying up late every night not getting proper sleep, getting to work late because I was tired, and then not getting work done because I was on whatever social media platform that was accessible to me. I stopped caring about the real world and the very real people around me. I gave up on them because, at the time, they weren’t as flashy or “interesting.”


One day on my way to work, I realized that I forgot my phone at home. I didn’t think I would survive the day. While I was trying to think of a decent excuse to tell my boss so I could go home early, I was looking at my other coworkers around me. Standing across from me was four people together with a phone in each of their hands – looking down. It almost looked like they were in a trance. For some reason seeing that spoke to me. That’s what I look like? It didn’t sit well with me. So I made a change. I limited my social media usage to once a week for up to an hour. It was hard at first, especially because social media is a great way to connect. And frankly, it’s entertaining as hell! I knew that I had to make that change for myself and for my sanity. By cutting back, I’m truly seeing the beauty in My life, in My world, and in My reality. Life is short…pay attention or you’ll miss it!


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